The Health Engine Online

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Health Engine Online?

The Health Engine Online is a three-month positive habit-changing program designed to increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of staff by improving their overall health and wellbeing.

Seemingly simple things done regularly will improve your productivity and how you feel.

How does the program roll out?

The Health Engine Online is an online program accessed by individual staff. Remember, the program is designed to be simple, incremental and effective.

It includes…

  1. Daily habits ~ Every two weeks, participants will be presented with a new Lifestyle Habit. Each Lifestyle Habit contains six lessons that they will access three times each week (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) during the program.  The lessons should take no more than 5 – 10 minutes to read through.  The amount of time it takes to practice and develop the habit is up to each participant.
  2. Daily habit checks ~ Participants will be asked to record whether or not they learned about and practiced the Lifestyle Habits as presented. By requesting this level of contact, we ensure accountability.
  3. Regular Communication with a Health Coach ~ We ask that participants provide regular feedback to their Health Coach either by telephone or e-mail.


Throughout the process, we help to keep you engaged, performing at the peak of your abilities, and committed to your business. Our trained and experience experts are ready to help.

Why was The Health Engine Online created?

At The Health Engine Online, we understand the stresses and demands of working at a busy office.

As kinesiologists, nutrition and health coaches, and researchers, we have seen thousands of people exhausted, in pain, and struggling to get work done.

We have travelled from workplace to workplace and we hear the same thing: employees are lethargic, in pain and unmotivated.

We recognize that workplaces are over-whelmed and under-resourced which leads to this culture of do more and take no prisoners.

But we now know – and the research clearly shows – that moving, eating well, drinking water, and taking breaks can actually improve the productivity and efficiency of individuals in the workplace.

The Health Engine Online program is designed to be simple, incremental and effective. It is designed to focus slowly and progressively on improving positive individual Habits in the workplace while enhancing an overall workplace wellness culture.

What are the program objectives?

The Health Engine online has four overall objectives:

  1. To improve individual employee health by committing to one healthy Habit every two weeks over a three month period (six Habits in total).
  2. To enhance employee comradery and collaboration by implementing a wellness program that employees can do together.
  3. To improve the wellness-culture of the organization by supporting all staff (including leaders) to be healthier by committing to, and following through the six Habits.
  4. To increase productivity and performance of staff by supporting and encouraging healthier Habits based on current and relevant research.

What is the time commitment of the program?

The whole program is 12 weeks in length. Each Habit contains six lessons that will be accessed three times per week (every Monday, Wednesday, Friday). The lessons will take no more than 5-10 minutes per day.

How is the program evaluated?

We will be evaluating the Health Engine online against the program objectives as outlined in Question 3 – What are the Program Objectives?

In addition to positive health outcomes of individual and organization participation we will be looking at program content (the information provided in the lessons), program methodology (how the program is implemented to organizations and individual staff), and program functionality (how the technology worked).

This information will be collated with pre and post surveys.

We are happy to share the aggregate reports with pilot sites. Personal information and/or individual participation will not be shared with organizations.


Contact us to learn more or to let us know that you would like to register your company or organization for The Health Engine Online.