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Ergonomic Solutions

At The Health Engine, we apply a scientific, evidence-based approach to your ergonomics situation.

An ergonomic assessment is an assessment of how an individual interacts with their environment, and therefore this is an assessment of a client’s desk or workstation.

The primary goal of an ergonomic assessment is to identify any risk of injury, or to rectify issues causing prolonged or chronic musculoskeletal difficulties.

We offer our ergonomic assessments, (including Group Ergonomic Mini Assessments and lunch and learns in Toronto and the GTA.)

Benefits of an ergonomic assessment:

  • Assist workers in adopting correct postures and safe body mechanics; significantly decreasing injury risk.
  • Maximize an individual’s comfort at work, increasing productivity.
  • Provide education for workers regarding the importance of taking appropriate postural breaks and using correct stretching techniques to manage or prevent discomfort.

When to use an ergonomic assessment?

  • Complaints of neck and or back pain.
  • Complaints of eye strain and headaches.
  • Concerns regarding shoulder, arm or wrist discomfort with keyboard, mouse or control use.
  • Reports of uncomfortable seating.
  • Difficulties returning to normal duties at work following injury or illness.

A typical Ergonomic Assessment will include…

  • An evidence-based onsite review of the workstation, job tasks, and work environment.
  • A hazard analysis that outline the likely cause of any issues that may be causing musculoskeletal issues.
  • A thorough and well-explained report that includes engineering, design, administrative and work method options for ergonomic optimization.
  • A recommendation for products, with vendor information, of where to purchase equipment.

The following will be considered when completing an ergonomic assessment:

  • Desk or workstation
  • Chair or seating
  • Monitor or laptop position
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Leg space and footrest requirements
  • Document use

Group Ergonomic Mini Assessments

(Approximately 15 or 30  minutes per employee)

15 minute ‘preventative’ ergonomic risk assessment
These employees may not be experiencing any symptoms or injuries and the assessment aims to ensure that their ergonomic workstation are set up correctly in order to prevent injury.

30 minute ‘minor complaints’ ergonomic risk assessment
Typically, these workers have only minor symptoms (eg. occasional lower back discomfort) or injuries and the ergonomic assessment aims to ensure that their workstation are set up correctly to reduce symptoms and prevent further injury.

With both length assessments our ergonomist will review the individual and their ergonomic workstation, identify any ergonomic issues, educate on reducing sedentary postures, modify where necessary their workstation to minimize risk of injury and provide recommendations in terms of self-management strategies, ergonomic accessories and safe working practices.

Suitable for 4+ ergonomic assessments/workers.
15 or 30 minute assessment per worker

2 hour minimum booking


Assessment includes:
A summary report documenting all findings, current issues, advice given to worker, changes made and any ergonomic accessories required.

OnSite Physiotherapy

Keep employees moving with in-house physiotherapy

Effective health care is often limited by accessibility and non-compliance.


At The Health Engine, we also offer onsite physiotherapy in order to remove those barriers.

Your employees will receive the medical care they need on demand; by treating injuries early, they preserve their productivity and won’t miss more time from work than necessary

The only thing better than returning to work as soon as possible is keeping the employee working in the first place: in other words, prevention is the best cure..

Quantitative studies show that return to work interventions are effective in reducing the duration of work disability, as well as associated wage replacement and healthcare costs.

Three of the main interventions are…

  1. The provision of an accommodation offer from the employer
  2. Participatory ergonomics and safety training for supervisors and managers
  3. The involvement of physiotherapists and/or ergonomists to facilitate on-site ergonomic worksite visits and coordinate return to work processes.


Implementing a sustainable and timely return to work process provides significant cost savings from short and long-term disability plans. The returning employees also stays better connected with his or her colleagues, and experience a more complete recovery.

Our expertise in physiotherapy and ergonomics can provide appropriate rehabilitation, overcome barriers to recovery, and design modified work duties on a graduated schedule. For remote workplaces where on-site visits are not feasible, video conferencing via Skype is also available.

Let us work closely with your company to develop and manage individualized return to work plans.

Lunch & Learn Series

1) Workspace Ergonomics: A set up for success

Create a healthful workspace with simple-to-implement strategies to prevent repetitive stress injuries and workplace fatigue. This session covers the cause and effect of poor ergonomics with numerous solutions to best support your employees. The session also includes a workspace self-assessment and proper set up recommendations, chair support and technologies that foster an optimal work environment for maximum productivity.

2) Movement Hacks for optimal function and flexibility

Sedentary lifestyles are today’s leading cause of disease including diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Learn our easy to implement “Movement Hacks” designed to decrease the hours you spend sitting, boost productivity, lift your mood, help manage your weight and improve your overall health.

3) Productivity and the Nutrition Connection!

Maximize energy and productivity, and beat the afternoon “slump.”  Smart nutrition planning techniques make all the difference to fuel your daily energy needs.

b) Vitality and the “F” Factor

The right kinds of fats are vital to good health. In this session we bust some nutritional myths to get your nutrition on point and on the vitality track.

c) Gut Check: Understanding Your Microbiome

The bacteria in your gut impacts digestive health, heart disease, weight loss, psychological health, and so many more health concerns. Learn how to ensure your gut bacteria is balanced for optimal health.

4) Stress Busters: From Overwhelmed to Smooth Sailing

Simple stress management solutions for the office. Stress is everywhere and if you’re not careful it can rob you of your ability to thrive. The impact of stress affects your health, quality of sleep, weight, digestion, and can make you more susceptible to diseases. This session focuses on regaining balance with easy to implement ways of manage stress levels, at home and in the office.

Please contact us for a tailored lunch and learn that will fit with your office needs.